While the modern history of Vineyard dates back to the 1890’s, it has only been during the last decade that it has become the active community we see today.

Vineyard is at a critical stage in its growth. Most available land for single family homes has been purchased or developed and we are in the planning stages for the major economic portions of our city. I’m excited for the possibilities ahead, but feel strongly that we need to continue having wise, forward-thinking leaders who can set the foundation for Vineyard’s future to thrive.

With the remaining land available for residential homes, we need to advocate for quality housing projects that are balanced and wisely planned in appropriate locations.

As we build at an unprecedented rate, maintenance becomes equally expensive and burdensome. We need leaders who have the foresight to plan and prepare with prudence, ensuring that we can properly care for what we have built.

Public Facilities and Services:

As Vineyard City grows, so will the need for additional public safety facilities. I support saving for a fire station. I also support making sure our law enforcement is staffed with additional officers as needed.

As our population expands, so will the need to provide adequate water and sewage systems. The city has already identified a place in Orem for a water tank. I applaud them for listening and changing the planned facility off of open space in Vineyard and creatively working with surrounding cities for a solution. This kind of forward thinking is what we need in our leaders and city employees.

Parks, Trails, and Amenities:

As a member of the Parks and Trails Committee, my vision is to have parks and open space distributed throughout the community in convenient locations for all residents.

Currently, we have and have planned for more parks on the northern part of our community. However, I feel strongly that we need to have a park on the south side for those residents to easily access and enjoy as well. I feel that all residents should have the ability to walk to a park in minutes. I will advocate for a park to be included in any future developments in that area.

The plan for a connected trail system that links with the regional systems is of high priority as well as the the Wakara Way Conservation Project. I have and will continue to advocate for both projects, which are big steps towards preserving and capitalizing on one of our greatest assets, Utah Lake.

Heritage and Culture:

Our city has a rich heritage that needs to be preserved and promoted for the benefit of all of Vineyard’s residents and visitors, now and in the future. We need to be working with the Heritage Commission and founding families of Vineyard to identify significant historic sites, artifacts, buildings, and stories that can be incorporated appropriately throughout our community.

Heritage Days has been a wonderful event and I will continue to support its endeavors.


Road maintenance is both constant and expensive. We must be fiscally responsible and budget to keep our roads safe and working. We also must address current traffic issues while planning for future congestion.  Implementing regular traffic studies will be of utmost importance to ensure we keep our citizens moving safely and efficiently through our city.

We need to be actively working to grow mass transit opportunities and keep a strong relationship with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). Getting a bus route through our city will help with parking and congestion.

Our future FrontRunner station will be an area attraction for Utah Valley and has already garnered much interest from the state.  With the success of the station we will need the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) ready to extend and widen the Vineyard connector to keep up with increased traffic.


We need to advocate for an additional elementary school in our city. While we already have a site for such a school, Alpine School District needs to be aware of the unique growth of our city and we should include and encourage them to be proactive in planning this and any other future schools.

Utah Valley University (UVU) owns 15% of our city’s land.  We therefore need to be cultivating a deep and lasting relationship with them and encouraging UVU leadership to work with us as we develop our land as well. Our city plans should coincide with and work cohesively with UVU, thereby strengthening each others goals.

Economic Growth:

Vineyard is alive with possibility. We have mixed use developments planned in the Town Center and Forge sites, and also an amazing opportunity in redeveloping the Geneva Steel Mill Site. The Lakefront is particularly exciting as we will be the only city with a town center right along the edge of the lake. Vineyard should also be working with Orem along Geneva Road to coordinate economic development strategies that can benefit both of our communities.

Over-all, we need to continue our partnerships by working with Utah Valley University (UVU), Orem, Provo, the State of Utah, Utah Department of Transportation (UTA), Utah Lake Commission, Mountainland Association of Governments, developers, and others to create critical relationships that will benefit Vineyard economically far into the future.