I was born in League City, Texas. My family moved often which afforded me the opportunity to experience living in many different places. From some of the largest cities in the nation to some of the smallest towns, this diversity of locations taught me how various communities look, feel, and are organized.

My husband Jim and I with our four children moved from the Pacific Northwest back to Utah over Thanksgiving of 2014. Nothing existed north of our new Vineyard home in The Garden neighborhood except beautiful fields. During our first breakfast, a 4-point buck strolled up to our kitchen window. We stared into each other’s eyes. As he backed away, he gave me a look that seemed to say, “times are changing.” Since that day, I’ve watched our town grow into a city and be awarded the title of the fastest growing in the nation three out of those five years.

I have witnessed the growth and changes that have come to Vineyard, and when it began to affect my home, I had concerns. I went to the city and by working together with them to find a solution, discovered that I cared deeply about the decisions being made for our community. I decided to get involved. It has been a pleasure to serve and be active in our community. I have met amazing people and am constantly inspired by the good I see as neighbors help one another, befriend new residents, and start new traditions.

I have served on Vineyard’s Planning Commission since January 2016, and have chaired the commission since January of 2018. I have worked hard to update our city codes and ordinances and hold developers to a higher standard for projects throughout our city. I am most proud of the work I have done in updating our city’s General Plan, which presents the overarching goals and vision of our city.  I have also been a member of the Parks and Trails Committee where I have helped develop an integrated trail system which, when completed, will allow our community to be be accessed entirely by bike. I care deeply about making our city friendly and beautiful for all who live here.

Outside of my civic service, I enjoy my work as the Program Coordinator for Brigham Young University’s Simmons Center for Cancer Research. Spending my time working to inspire the next generation of cancer researchers reminds me daily that life is beautiful and always worth fighting for. Vineyard is where we, as residents, spend most of that precious life. As part of your City Council, I will strive to protect our city’s heritage while thoughtfully encouraging innovative, prudent growth. I am dedicated  to maintaining our quality of life and ensuring that we stay connected as a community.

My name is Cristy Welsh, and I am running for City Council and ask for your support!