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For Vineyard City Council



Vineyard’s modern history dates back to the 1890s, but its growth as an active community has been significant in the last decade. As we enter a critical stage in development, it’s essential to balance growth responsibly to preserve our unique character and values. Prudent economic growth focusing on healthcare, infrastructure, entertainment, research, innovation, and education can attract investments and generate employment opportunities. Partnering with top-tier businesses and universities is crucial for success. Key projects, including a water storage facility, Vineyard connector extension, and city center promenade, need leadership for successful implementation. Transportation and economic development master plans will prepare us for future growth.


Fostering a resilient community ensures residents’ well-being and safety. Investing in infrastructure and emergency preparedness builds a solid foundation for resilience. Law enforcement is crucial in maintaining safety and harmony in downtown areas with diverse activities and challenges. Their community policing approach fosters trust and cooperation. As Vineyard City grows, we need more public safety facilities. Responsible technology integration prioritizes safety and privacy. Advocating for privacy protection while embracing the future will create a fantastic downtown for all.

Restore and Enhance Open Spaces

I’ve worked hard to create plans with the community, ensuring wetlands, open spaces, and parks are within walking distance for every resident. We completed our corridor plan and are pursuing grants for projects. Grove and Penny Springs parks will have shade sails installed in 2024, and improvements will be made to Grove park’s hill. I’ll advocate for shoreline cleanup and activating spaces where appropriate. Enhancing our lakefront benefits the city, county, and tourism. We’re restoring and enhancing dedicated open spaces, starting with Vineyard beach cleanup using goats and sheep. Partnerships with the state promote biodiversity and safeguard our natural resources. Improving lakefront beaches fosters community pride and a welcoming atmosphere.

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For Vineyard City Council

Vineyard City may be small, but it’s alive with possibility. Wetlands, conservation areas, usable open spaces, and parks should be within walking distance of every resident. Plans have been made for an exciting waterfront area, with the first stage bringing a sandy beach area and places for people to access and enjoy Utah Lake.   Cleanup along the shore is necessary for residents and visitors to enjoy that beautiful amenity now and into the future. 

We are at a critical point in our city’s growth. We are beginning to build the significant economic portions of our city.  The next few years will set the foundation for future financial opportunities. It is crucial that we encourage and invite top-tier businesses and partners to our city. We must use a market-driven approach and include mechanisms for preserving privacy and ease of business operations along the way.  Several significant projects have been in process for years that are finally coming to fruition and need leadership to see them through. These projects include a water storage facility in the north of our city, the extension of the Vineyard connector, removing the rail spur along Geneva Rd, extending Main Street to 400 S, and building the promenade in our city center.

As Vineyard City grows, we must build a resilient community. Prioritizing investments in infrastructure, emergency preparedness, social support systems, and especially additional public safety facilities and personnel. I support saving for a fire station and funding for law enforcement. They are essential in shaping a secure, prosperous, and inclusive community for all to enjoy. As growth continues to come to our city, it is of vital importance that we ensure we prevent criminal activities.

Vineyard is not a perfect place, and there is much work to be done. I am passionate about making a positive impact and contributing to the growth and well-being of our city. I feel it’s important that all voices and perspectives are heard and represented. I have and will continue to work collaboratively with my fellow council members, mayor, city staff, and residents of Vineyard. I am running for a 2nd term for Vineyard City council and believe my contributions will help us build a community of belonging now and into the future.


My family and I moved to Vineyard in 2014 and have watched our community grow from a small town into the thriving city we see today. Along the way, I’ve watched amazing people move into our community and am inspired by the good I see all around me as these new neighbors help one another, befriend new residents, and start new traditions.

Soon after moving here, I became curious about the city’s plans. Much of the city’s zoning had already been decided, and I was excited at the prospect of getting involved and helping to make our city the best it could be. I have been serving our community ever since. I sat on Vineyard’s Planning Commission from 2016-2019 and on the City Council from 2020 to the present. My family got involved too. My husband helped start the Youth Council in 2016 and my children have all participated in that program. One of my fondest memories was helping them do book drives for the new children’s library and then watching them work with other members of the Youth Council to build the library by assembling shelves and even painting a mural. That building no longer stands, and the library has grown and moved on, but those memories are part of our history and were essential character-building moments in my children’s lives. I’m grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to serve.

Outside of my civic service, I enjoy my work as the Program Coordinator for Brigham Young University’s Simmons Center for Cancer Research and spending time with family and friends.

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