My family and I moved to Vineyard in 2014 and have since watched Vineyard grow from a small town into the city we see today. After questioning that growth, I decided to get involved and have been serving the Vineyard community ever since. Along the way I have met amazing people and am inspired by the good I see all around me as neighbors help one another, befriend new residents, and start new traditions.

I have  served on Vineyard’s Planning Commission since 2016 and am also a member of the Parks and Trails Committee.

Outside of my civic service, I enjoy working as the Program Coordinator for Brigham Young University’s Simmons Center for Cancer Research.

As part of the Vineyard City Council I will strive to protect Vineyard’s heritage while thoughtfully encouraging innovative, prudent growth. I am dedicated to maintaining a high quality of life and keeping the community connected.

My name is Cristy Welsh and I am running for the Vineyard City Council and ask for your support!